MW Cattle Ranch is owned and operated by Bo & Joe Ann Winkel. We are located in the Tall Pines of North East Texas, Panola County, Clayton Texas. Panola County is the birth place of Tex Ritter and Jim Reeves. In our brand "MW" the "M" stands for Mauritzen, Joe Ann's maiden name. Joe Ann is the third generation owner of the ranch. She taught school in La Marque, Texas, for 41 years, and I was an aerospace worker for 40 years at NASA-Houston. With the death of her father in 1982 the operation of the ranch was turned over to us. We raised cattle, Beefmasters and Brangus, cut and bailed hay, and maintained several miles of fences on weekends, holidays, and vacations (La Marque is about 10 miles North of Galveston, Texas or 230 miles South of the ranch). In 2008 our granddaughter, Erin, informed her parents and us that she was applying to show Texas longhorns for the Clear Creek Independent School District-NASA project, she was excepted. My comment was "Don't bring any horned animals to the Ranch".

Well, in 2009 Erin and her brother, Hunter, asked Joe Ann and me if we would buy them a bull calf, "SILENT H IKE", so they could show their animal. Our comment was "Not a bull, and you can't have just one animal because they get lonely". Being challenged they found another bull calf, "MW CRACKER JACK", and both animals were steered. The two steers came to live with us in August of 2009; we now have 27 longhorns, and growing. In February 2012 at the Autobahn Motorcar Group Youth Scholarship Tour both steers won their classes and SILENT H IKE won Senior Champion Steer and Grand Champion Steer. On 2/12/2012 his tip to tip measurement was 70 inches and a base of 15 5/8 inches.